I got touched…

Reading my Facebook feed I was touched by the very succinct post by my friend David Saranga.

David is the aid to president Rivlin which makes him a big shot. We studied in high school together. Our connection was lost until very recently when we got rejoined by the preparations to our class reunion which David chaired.

David posted the following song: David’s post

I followed the link which led to this song accompanied by a single verse from. The lyrics are taken from the book of Psalms, chapter 34, verse 15: The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous, and his ears are attentive to their cry; and the rendering is by Dana International who is an Israeli prominent pop singer. She was  assigned male at birth, but identified as female from a very young age.

The combination of the music, the lyrics and the visual made me understand the plight of the gay community and their strive for acceptance equality. A very recent law that denies surrogacy motherhood path for gay men was passed in the Kneset.  It “naturally” led to public protests which at times became violent.

My personal opinion is that listening to this song and this very particular rendering might do, by far, much more good  in shedding light on this problematic  issue!!!

I’m sure that if it touched me, the eternal skeptic, no one can go deaf to this subject after listening to this rendition.