Strange and elegantly Weird theory

My YouTube feed has started providing me with various interesting videos. I’m not sure what triggered it but I’m inundated with various videos on the subjects of Ancient Aliens, Forbidden Archaeology, Conspiracy theories and many more subjects.

Yesterday a certain video titled Hacking Reality caught my attention. Its an introductory video which was published by a group specializing in researching Quantum Gravity.

Apparently the goal of this research field is to come up with a Grand Unification of forces and theories with the unification of  General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics being their primary goal.

According to this theory all our existence in a 3D space (more about time later) is a result of a projection of reality driven by an 8D space to our 3D well acquainted environment. We live on a 3D Quasi-Crystal which is the result of this projection.

The main building block of our reality is Information which defines a Language over this Quasi-Crystal with our consciousness serving as an interpreter of this language.

This theory manages to unify all known forces and all known particles in the Standard Model which is a very appealing result.

Some other results are:

  • There is now such thing as time. “The flow of Time” is an anomalous interpretation done by our consciousness therefore “in real life”  past = present = future.
  • There is no such thing as reality. Nothing is real. What we view as “reality” is actually the interpretation made by our conciseness of the stored information. it takes into account our own “self”, our personal biases and our prior knowledge.
  • Future events might affect events in the past (this is actually consistent with experiments performed with quantum entanglement).
  • Our will power is our method of “creation” by which we impose a given interpretation on the stored information = reality.
  • Many other interesting results which I’m only starting to explore…

While this sounds weird, the more I think of this the more I find it appealing. Of course I’m not equipped with the needed mathematical tools to actually tackle this theory, so for now have to take them at their word on many subjects, but its surely a pursuit worthy new subject!!!