Shooting my avatar


It was a family trip when we all decided to visit the Ostrich farms down south (close to the Gaza strip). The whole family was in attendance. We arrived at one of the farms that was accessible from the road. The kids had nothing to do there and the birds were not so photogenic…


After a short while an Arab woman came buy and showed her kid how to feed the birdies…


And this gave me an idea. We could do the same! Initially I asked Leigh to feed “the nice birdie” and she readily obliged me.


At the time Leigh was quite small which caused the bird to unnaturally bend her neck over the fence and would call for a very low shot with the sky as the background. I knew this was too challenging to make a good composition. So I opted for a more challenging combination – me holding the grass in the left hand, the camera in my right and trying to compose and shoot single handily while the bird was ravaging the feed.


After attempting this several (probably thirty :-)) times I ended with a descent shot!

My take from this is that while a good idea is paramount perseverance is the only way to attain it.