Shana Tova (Happy Jewish New Year) or The Kids have grown up…

In the year 2005 the children had decided to hand out a personalized Jewish Happy New Year greeting made by them. We all went to the local park located downstairs. At the time we received Charlie’s Angels on DVD and the kids had spontaneously decided to recreate the signature shot. After some labor on Photoshop here is the final result:

Shana Tova 2005

Several years have passed. It is the Jewish High Holiday season again and we all decided to take a family trip. At the last day of the trip, at dusk,  we all decided to drive to the Dado hill overlooking the town of Metula. I was fiddling with shooting and the kids had spontaneously decided to recreate that same shot. Although 13 years have passed the kids recreated the shot almost perfectly!!!


And this endeavor had certainly put them in high spirits!!!

Roni – our eldest – had graduated from the Physics department of the Technion* and is currently studying towards her Masters with a full intention to continue to post Doc.

Leigh (Lee) – our second – has been accepted to the Technion to study Mathematics and Computer Science and is due to start in a few weeks.

Jonathan (Jonny) – our smallest – is about to graduate this year from high school and to enlist as IDF soldier.

Best of luck to all our children!!!

* The Haifa Technion is a prestigious technical college and is the Alma mater of both Karen and myself