It’s the genetics, stupid…

Having ranted about my seeming inability to (significantly) loose weight  and my partial tracing of this loosing battle to Microbiome factors it is now time to do some heavy lifting and take a look at my personal genetics.

As you might remember I did a genetic mapping  using 23andMe service. Then I downloaded the resulting raw data, ran it through promethease and did a search on “obesity”. Immediately several suspect genes (SNPs) popped up.

Here’s a rundown of the most prominent:

SNP #1


Based on this my overall risk for obesity is x2.76 compared to an average person. Should I give up after seeing this? 🙂

SNP #2


This gene indicates a problem at the cellular level with a decreased capability of the mitochondria to convert sugar to energy. Less energy is more fat accumulated in the body. Hence a x1.7 increased risk for obesity.

SNP #3


This SNP does not indicate a tendency for obesity but type-I diabetes. Its x5.5 compared to an average person. Buy this point you probably have understood its no fun to be me 🙂

SNP #4


Unlike previous SNP which demonstrated an increased tendency to obesity, this one demonstrates an x2.76 increase in a tendency to SEVERE obesity. If you think I hade it easy up to this point the SEVERENESS has increased.

SNP #5


This SNP is the “unfair” SNP as on top of my body’s increased tendency to accumulate fat I also have a tendency for x1.6 increase of the appetite stimulating hormone – Gherlin also known as the hunger hormone.

SNP #6


This is the “no fun” SNP as on top of obesity related factors it also decreases the factor of how well a patient responds to Viagra. Thank god I haven’t (yet) developed erectile dysfunction 🙂 🙂 🙂

SNP #7


This SNP has nothing to do with obesity. the carriers of this mutation “only” exhibit 4.6% increase in body fat 🙂

My take from this review is that while I have no genetic disposition to losing weight its clear why loosing weight is a constant struggle.

On top of these factors I am “blessed” with a very unique gut Microbiome that “helps” me in the digestion of things not normally digestible by humans.

So bottom line – obesity-wise its not fun to be me but I am determined to keep on with my current battle regiment – Using Modius daily and observing the TestMaxNutrition diet.

And keeping my fingers crossed!!!